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       "Challenge the limit"  打つ手は無限

I was in the airplane on my way back from Copenhagen when I learned
that Tokyo lost the bid to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic
Games. I regret that I was not able to do more to secure the bid.
However, I would like to extend my congratulations to the people of
Brazil on their successful bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games in
Rio de Janeiro. ▲2016年のオリンピックは、リオデジャネイロに決まった。

While Tokyo was not successful in its bid, its presentations were
well-rehearsed and I thought they were wonderful. I am confident
that at least in terms of teamwork, Tokyo stood out.


From a 15 year- old girl to President Tsunekazu Takeda of the Japanese Olympic
Committee (JOC) and even Governor Shintaro Ishihara of Tokyo -- all
of their hard work brought a smile to my face.

Though I was the only speaker from Japan who did not rehearse,
I stressed that it would be an environmentally-friendly Olympics,
stating that Baron de Coubertin once said that the Olympics were
a combination of the qualities of the body and the soul, and that
we wanted to host the 2016 Olympic Games in Tokyo with a new
concept: The harmony of man and nature. ▲

The 15th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United
Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP15) will be held
in Copenhagen in mid-December of this year and, to tell the truth,
I gave my presentation with that in mind. Governor Ishihara later
told me that the American press regarded my presentation as better
than that of the Obamas from the US team. While that made me happy,
our bid was nevertheless unsuccessful.

Although my stay in Copenhagen did not even last a full day, I was
able to meet Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen of Denmark, who
will chair COP15. We spent nearly all of our time in the meeting
discussing COP15.

Prime Minister Rasmussen expressed high regard for my announcement
at the United Nations of Japan's mid-term goal for the reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions: To reduce emissions by 25% by 2020,
if compared to the 1990 level, premised on agreement by all the
major economies. We agreed to work in close cooperation for the
success of COP15.
▲ Rasmussen首相(デンマーク)も、排気ガスを1990年の水準よ

It is because the world's top athletes challenge the limits of
their capacities that the Olympic Games inspire us.

I believe that all of us living in the present times can provide
inspiration to the next generation by challenging ourselves to the
limits of our capacities in tackling global environmental issues,
led by the world's scientists and politicians. Challenging the
limit will open the future, so let us take on this challenge.

る。 何ごとも限界に挑むことこそ重要なのだ。

                        ▲部分訳 古谷睦(77歳・車椅子の相続相談員)




       The pen is mightier than the sword" by E. Bulwer-Lytton (1839)

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